CD Review: Shiny Toy Guns



Shiny Toy Guns

Season of Poison

Universal Motown; Release date: Nov. 4, 2008


The Deal: Shiny Toy Guns gets new singer and releases sophomore album Season of Poison.

The Good: Despite Shiny Toy Guns’ former vocalist Carah Faye Charnow’s departure and her replacement of Sisely Treasure to the band, the album isn’t bad although fans of Charnow might be disappointed. The disc is full of high frequency bouts of electronica-styled rock. Songs like “When Did This Storm Begin,” “Ghost Town,” and “Ricochet!” resemble the group Mindless Self Indulgence with a chaotic electro-punk feel. Throughout the album lyrics seem to be split pretty well between Treasure and Chad Petree. One of the most catching tunes is the softer, more pop-oriented "I Owe You A Love Song." The band's two vocalists blend well together on this track, which also reminded me a bit of the Swedish electronic indie rock band, The Sounds "Hurt You." Other noteworthy songs were "Ricochet!" and "Turned To Real Life."

The Bad: The song “Blown Away” didn’t blow me away at all, along with “Season of Love,” a softer track that seemed to linger on and on. “Poison," chimed in at eight minutes and 14 seconds. The song started off slow with strange electronic vocal elements and featured a dramatic instrumental chorus line, later to end with this distant organ music. The song was too long and unorganized. It didn't do much for me.

The Verdict: Shiny Toy Guns' new album is a combination between softer electro rock and sassy, distorted electro jams. It takes a couple of listens for some of the tracks to hook you, but right away "I Owe You A Love Song," "Ricochet!" and "Turned To Real Life" should do the trick. Check out the album or see the band live when they visit Charlotte for a performance at Tremont Music Hall on Sunday, Nov. 30.

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