Music Menu, 11/22/08



The Houstons It's been said before, but it bears repeating – the Faircloth brothers make beautiful music together. For those who caught The Houstons in their recent full-band mode and thought they'd seen it all, well, think again. No offense to the talented folks who chipped in along the way, but there's something in the fraternal harmonies that really only pops – dare we even say, rocks? – in the two-piece set-up. Plus there's the kick of watching brother No. 1 finesse the keys with one hand and keep time on the trap with the other (did we mention the singing?), while brother No. 2 fills in the guitar and bass textures using all four limbs (again, often while singing). Verily, a sight – and sound – to behold. With Bruce Hazel & Some Volunteers. Snug Harbor. (Schacht)

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