Live Review: Trans-Siberian Orchestra



Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Time Warner Cable Arena

Nov. 20, 2008

The Deal: Trans-Siberian Orchestra visited Charlotte for an impressive performance during its 10th anniversary tour.

The Good: Wow. The group performed its instrumental fusion of progressive rock, symphonic metal and classical music, along with different singers chiming in during the course of the show, which lasted more than two hours. During the first half of the concert, Trans-Siberian Orchestra played mostly holiday-themed songs. After each major piece a narrator told an ongoing Christmas story. At one point, he mentioned snow and man made snow actually began to fall onto members of the crowd. I kept thinking, ‘What a cool touch.’ But, there’s more. The second half of the show, which was less-Christmas oriented, featured a number of pyrotechnics bombarding the stage – fires blared in sync with the music, as did the big lights show that brightened up the room throughout Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s entire performance. All these concert extras gave the show more points, but the musician’s musical skill was heard loud and clear – creating a balance in the show’s overall impressiveness. The end of the performance ended with big booms from more pyrotechnics.

The Bad: Not much. It was a very entertaining and unique show. If you don’t like long, drawn out concerts with all the works, then this one might not have been your forte.

The Verdict: A highly impressive performance, worth seeing. Trans-Siberian Orchestra features an array of talented musicians that play their instruments with preciseness and skill. The entire show was filled with energy and it spread throughout the packed arena. In addition, Trans-Siberian Orchestra donates $1 from each ticket sold to local organizations in the cities they play. In Charlotte, Levine Children’s Hospital received $8,144.00.

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