Music Menu, 11/15/2008



Admirals Club Ever wondered what would happen were you to cross Rob Zombie with Don Caballero? (No? C'mon good CLT folk – think outside o' the box!) Well, were you to stop queueing with all the other sheep, you'd find that these Nashville-based cupcakes, liberally sprinkled with a little cosmi-stoner pixiepunk dust – think Dave Wyndorf fronting 7 Seconds – are the sweet treat that's the answer to the Question Which Dare Not Be Asked. With The Trampskirts. Milestone (Timothy C. Davis)

The Lee Boys Miami's sacred steel gospel band the Lee Boys lay down a foundation of funk, blues, R&B and jazz and then mix in their uplifting gospel and spiritual music. The band is a family affair and the boys honed their early chops at church and then on the road at folk, blues and jazz festivals. Expect a sinewy combo of American music that is at once danceable and so darn hummable. Opening for the Dirty Dozen Brass Band. Neighborhood Theatre (Samir Shukla)

Re-Rapture If you've been to any of the Nasty/Shane parties – or if you've always wanted to go – here's your last chance to party with the duo. It's going to be an '80s-themed party with Iron Cordoba covering '80s hits, The Knight Riders, the modern dance of Sarah and Bridget, DJ Torch of Purgatory fame, Mistress Collette and award-winning drag performer Starla. Now, how can you miss something like that? Visulite (Jeff Hahne)

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