10-in-10 CD Reviews



Brett Dennen Hope for the Hopeless — Pop-rock like John Mayer with a more annoying voice.

Boris Garcia Once More Into the Bliss — Old-time folk, but I think the ’60s are over.

Lady Gaga The Fame — Sounds like Brittney Spears 2.0, terribly cheesy lyrics — “disco stick”?

The Weather Machines Bones & Brains — Five-song EP filled with respectable, but mediocre, indie rock.

Tricky Knowle West Boy — Hip hop, reggae, pop — someone may have an identity crisis.

People in Planes Beyond the Horizon — Bad band name, but a better rock CD than expected.

Toby Keith That Don’t Make Me a Bad Guy — I try, but I’m not a fan of most country.

Chris Knight Heart of Stone — Some sounds like Cash, some of the grit of Springsteen.

Restavrant Returns to the Tomb of Guiliano Medidici — It wasn’t horrible, but then he started to sing. Ew.

Underoath Lost In the Sound of Separation — All emo-goth-metal is starting to sound the same.

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