Live Review: The Belfast Boys



The Belfast Boys


Nov. 8, 2008


The Deal: Three Irish men, known as The Belfast Boys perform traditional Irish folk tunes at Connolly’s pub.


The Good: The band, comprised of Alyn Mearns, Jimmy Brown and Adrian Rice were musically on target, giving the crowd a taste of Ireland with their own spin on a hand full Celtic-rooted songs, some of which have been sung by artists like Paul Brady (“Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shore,” “Lakes of Pontchartrain,” “Arthur McBride” and “The Jolly Beggar Man”) and Christy Moore (“Ride On”). Brown, also a solo artist (keep a radar on his shows too) sang most of the songs, but Mearns and Rice chimed in on a few as well. The group used acoustic guitars, mandolin and whistles to back the vocals up and give the crowd its chance to hear something that isn’t around every corner of the Q.C. They played a number of songs about gypsies, protest and love. Highlights included Christy Moore’s “Ride On,” the prideful Irish ditty “I’ll Tell Me Ma,” and The Waterboys’ “Fisherman’s Blues.”


The Bad: Not a thing. The pub started out a little empty, but it was packed by the end of the group’s show.

The Verdict: Whether you’re familiar with old Irish folk songs or not, The Belfast Boys put on an enjoyable show that will get your feet shakin’ and leave you wanting more. Check them out the next time they play Connolly’s on Nov. 22.

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