Where were you when history was made?



Where were you when history was made last night? ... I was at the Generation Engage “Best Damn Election Party” at ALIVE in NoDa where MSNBC national news was reporting live.

The party had drinks for the different parties: Republican and Democrat. The Democratic cocktail consisted of Rum, Blue Curacao and Triple Sec (blue) while the Republican included Rum, Pineapple and Cranberry juice (red).

Let’s just say I saw more blue drinks than red at this party. It seems as if all of America went from Red, White and Blue to just Red vs. Blue.

This election was like the American Olympics; the entire country got into it like they do with NFL play-offs. As the votes were tabulated state to state, electoral to popular, I found myself looking towards the television asking, “What’s the score?”

Regardless, I was just happy to see America unite (although divided) to support their team (or candidate rather). Every time Obama won a state the crowd celebrated and, in between news coverage, the Sol Kitchen played dance music to put the party in partisan. Charlotteans were on the edge of their seat waiting to see where North Carolina stood — but it went from too close to call to Barack Obama becoming the president elect (when I checked this afternoon they still hadn’t tabulated North Carolina’s votes).


And all of ALIVE erupted into cheers louder than Bank of America stadium after a Panther’s win. People were jumping on chairs and tables, hugging each other, high fiving...crying. But the same crowd showed support and respect for John McCain during his concession speech... that is, until they showed Sarah Palin — they began to boo at that point.

ALIVE, located behind Prevue in NoDa, is a brand-spanking-new live music venue that houses local bands like U-Phonik, Blue Monday and Charity Case, in addition to bringing in bigger name bands such as Ryan Cabrera, who performed at the grand opening last weekend, and Cassidy who will be there Dec. 6.

Charlotte direly needed another intimate live music venue; yet ALIVE is not just a live... music venue, it’s a restaurant that has both a club and neighborhood bar feel to it for which you can both chill out and rock out.

But, last night, everyone was just glued to the televisions watching the amazing race.

Meanwhile, the vibe was a lot different up at the Rusty Rudder where Simplified was playing to a solemn and scarce crowd of McCain supporters. While people were dancing on chairs cheering to change down in Charlotte, they were all but hiding under chairs up at the lake “drinking to the end of the world,” as I heard someone say. They were as passionate about “No-Bama” as the crowd at ALIVE was for Obama. It made me wonder if he had campaigned to do away with NASCAR or something (that was a joke).

I’m not a political writer, nor am I even remotely PC, thus I am not going to state how I personally feel about the election results, but I will tell you that I am elated about the fact I don’t have to see or hear another campaign ad for another four years.

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