Each Friday, we'll bring you 10 random CD reviews done in 10 words:

Cantinero Better for the Metaphor — Acoustic popster takes the Do-It-Yourself approach for mediocrity.

Celine Dion My Love: Essential Collection — I think this would be better used as a frisbee.

Matt Duke Kingdom Underground — Possible second-coming of James Blunt, if we needed another.

Escape the Fate This War Is Ours — AFI-esque emo-metal would fit right in on Warped Tour.

The Knux Remind Me In 3 Days... — Genre-bending hip-hop tries too hard to be Outkast.

Bette Midler Jackpot! The Best Bette — Yeah, you can use this one just like Celine Dion's.

Modern Skirts All of Us In Our Night — Mellow pop from Athens, Ga., band — Snug Harbor Nov. 21.

James Morrison Songs for You, Truths for Me — This kind of pop-rock wouldn't impress The Doors' Morrison.

Will Quinlan & The Diviners Navasota — Tampa alt-country band presents surprisingly respectable 11-track disc.

Tribe After Tribe M.O.A.B. — Rock with far too much filler, not nearly enough killer.

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