Janet afraid to get too sexy?



Janet "Check Out My Left Nipple" Jackson performed a concert in Michigan last night and cut out a three-song segment of her show that was deemed "too racy."

During one of the three songs, "Discipline," Jackson has been tying down a male member of the audience and "molests" him while back-up dancers simulate sex acts. (video after the jump)

A Michigan state law prohibits simulated sex acts in public places. So, Jackson cut out the songs completely instead of changing the dancing, etc.

That's the problem with pop music that's done live - it's all choreographed, lip-synched or otherwise "faked." Instead of performing the song and not worrying about the dancing, she just cut the song out entirely. Wouldn't a true performer be able to make something up on the spot?

Here's a look at the scene from a different show earlier in the tour:


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