Live Review: Mediaeval Baebes



Mediaeval Baebes

Tremont Music Hall

Oct. 23, 2008

Pics coming soon!

The Deal: The British sextet known as Mediaeval Baebes performed a set of soothing medieval era inspired tunes a Tremont Music Hall.

The Good: The band's equipment, including microphone stands, were decked out with ivy for a nature feel. Mediaeval Baebes started its set with each of the six female members of the band wearing white, wavy dresses. Later they would change to red dresses and then, even later, to black. Behind them were three men who played guitar, drums and other instruments. The music was soothing, but the real treat was the band’s melodic vocal harmonies. They sang in Middle English, Medieval Latin and Spanish while dancing – and some of the gals played the flute, fiddle and tambourines too. Between songs, many of which came from their latest album, Illumination (“Blacksmiths,” “Miracle,” “Undivided” and more), the group recited poetry. It was an interesting and impressive show that was different than any other show I’ve ever seen at Tremont Music Hall. Mediaeval Baebes sang beautifully and the music accompanying them was relaxing.

The Bad: Not too much. At the beginning of the set, the microphone blasted a few high-pitched shrieks, but all in all the show went well both technically and musically. There wasn’t much of a crowd and the room seemed very empty, which was a bit disappointing.

The Verdict: Mediaeval Baebes know how to sing and the guys back behind them can play their instruments well. The band delivered a strong set of dreamy medieval melodies, hypnotizing the crowd with every note.

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