$17 for...not much



I often hear complaints from people about high prices of gas, cover charges for bands, CD costs, etc., but no one complains much about the high prices of average entertainment in the city.

Few people will go out to pay $5 for a local band who is busting its ass, but I haven't heard any complaints about paying $10 to park at Epicentre and then another $7 cover to get into Whisky River to hear the average DJ play the same crap you hear on the radio.

Why are people willing to pay $17 to go to Whisky River — that place is packed on the weekends — but won't pay $5 for a band? They're both loud, so it's not like one place is more conducive to conversation. They both overcharge for beer. Sure, some people are dancing at WR, but most are just standing around.

Maybe it's just me, but even if you take out the parking fee, paying $7 as a cover to hear the DJ is kinda ridiculous. You can sit at home and listen to your iPod on shuffle for free. So, is it just because there are a lot of people? What's the deal?

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