Today's Menus (10/13/2008)



Bible of the Devil Chicago quartet Bible of the Devil mashes ’70s hard rock, soaring Dio-like into ’90s metal, rumbling Pantera-like, with southern boogie for the ensuing garagey metal bombast. It’s a noisy take on classic hard rock that works most of the time while sounding corky and dated on occasion. Their new recording, Freedom Metal, is slated for release this month. With Music Hates You. Milestone (Saimr Shukla)

State Radio The Boston trio is nearly becoming Rage Against the Machine’s mini-me. Not because of a similarity in music, but because of the band’s constant presence at political rallies. The band is currently touring in support of their sophomore release, Year of the Crow. Expect a lot of high-flying jumps and energy release when they play. The music goes from punk and rock to something more mellow with a tinge or reggae. Visulite (Jeff Hahne)

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