Today's Menus (10/10/08)



Pat McGee Band McGee’s sway-along and sing-a-long rock is melodically in sync with radioland yet the gents are rootsy and road-tested enough to fend off negative criticism. The tight musicianship, along with thoughtfully crafted songs, acoustic riffing and multipart harmonies, makes the McGee band’s contemporary pop a perfect fit on date night. Visulite (Samir Shukla)

Missy Raines & the New Hip The Tennessee quartet sounds like a jazz ensemble playing a smoky watering hole in the wee hours, while other times they crank the bluegrass with mandolin and flat-picked guitar, the kind that gets toes tapping on a rickety front porch. Bassist/vocalist Missy Raines and her scrap band are warm and cozy, yet rather adventurous in their acoustic creations. The Evening Muse (Shukla)

The Eastern Seaboard The New York/Charlotte-based free jazz trio (plus cellist Ben Kennedy on this night) opens an Eastern swing with this cozy date. Eastern Seaboard music pulses with sinister mystery, traditional melodies upended by free-form explosions and pin-drop-quiet breakdowns. Their inspirations include all manner of musicians: Sonic Youth, Lester Young, Chicago post-rock, Boards of Canada, ’60s free jazz, Joe Strummer — they’re even recording with Mark Ospavot, who’s worked with Magik Markers and Parts and Labor, among others. Century/Patchwerk Playhaus (John Schacht)

Tim Reynolds and TR3 He spent most of the summer touring with his friend Dave Matthews, but now Tim Reynolds is heading back out with his solo project — they play their own stuff as well as some obscure covers. Reynolds guitar work is usually the star of the show. Neighborhood Theatre (Jeff Hahne)

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