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The Verve


On Our Own; Release date: Aug. 19, 2008

The Deal: After splitting in 1999, British rockers The Verve release new album Forth. The album is the band’s fourth album, following 1997’s Urban Hymns.

The Good: The album begins with a strong track called “Sit and Wonder.” Quickly it becomes clear that The Verve has visited the depths of the soundscrapes this go around. It creates a blend of strange, transcendent sound additions - like on the album’s single “Love Is Noise.” What is that sound on the track? It sounds partially like a “woo-hoo” and partially like a gospel choir. Either way the combination is an extra to the songs already blooming rhythmic flow. Vocalist Richard Ashcroft’s voice is charming as he sings each track (He hasn’t lost his touch, that’s for sure). The track “Rather Be,” resembles “Lucky Man” off of Urban Hymns. “Judas and “Valium Skies” are proof of The Verve’s calm and melodic musical craftsmanship abilities, but others like “Noise Epic,” show a shift in the bands normal musical routine with an inconsistent and frantic song structure. The extra electronic vibes add a psychedelic element to the album. The Verve’s sound has risen with an experimental touch, but it isn’t lacking in rock hooks and captivating catches.

The Bad: Not much. Forth might have some going ‘Huh?’ because of all the new layers of unfamiliar sounds. But, give it a chance and the band’s new music elements will leave you flying inside.

The Verdict: Another worthy and brilliant effort by The Verve. This might just be the band’s best album to date. Forth is well-worth a welcome into the CD collection. Hopefully the band won’t wait so long for its next release.

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