Today's Menu (10/5/08)



Chrome/Helios Creed Guitar god Helios Creed's creepy guitar manipulations, drones, distortions, psychedelic blasts and layers of sounds have influenced a long list of musicians. He joined San Francisco's industrial-punk-acid rock band Chrome in 1977 and has since worked with the band as well as solo while guesting with umpteen indie and alterna rockers and noisemakers. Highly recommended. The Smoking Rocks and Clang Quartet. Milestone (Samir Shukla)

Luna Halo Nashville alterna rock band's got the looks and the chops, and, though not groundbreaking, they can write catchy as heck tunes to boot. Former North Carolinian Nathan Barlowe leads the band's melodic rock with a punky edge. The moody dual guitars, rife with the aforementioned chops, are ready for radio hitland. Also on the bill: Run Run Run and Brandon Kirkley & the Firecrackers. Tremont (Samir Shukla)

Ashes Divide The former songwriter for A Perfect Circle may have "dropped the Maynard," but his talents still rock on. And while the Tool frontman may be missing, that's not to say that Billy Howerdel isn't proving that he can stand on his own. His comfort as a frontman is continually growing and he should be in great form by the time this show rolls around. Opening for Seether. Amos' Southend (Jeff Hahne)

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