Tales from Uptown’s new Breast-eraunt



Despite the controversy and pissed off conservative Charlotteans, Hooters opened an Uptown location last month on Trade Street, between Church and Tryon.

And I finally got a chance to check out the infamous home of wings and things (and by things I mean boobs) following the Panthers' game last Sunday.

There was a slight wait to get in considering it was game day and Hooters is hailed as a sports bar. So while we waited we checked out the Hooters Magazine and found some girls from Hickory and Gastonia representing.


We were seated under a sign that read: “Caution Blondes Thinking,” and given my overall dining experience there, I should’ve heeded the warning.


First of all, I got carded when I ordered a Diet Coke.

Then I ordered boneless Buffalo Wings with Ranch — and when the buxom blonde brought me my meal, my fast food looking balls of chicken had no sauce, nor ranch. She also failed to provide the table with any form of eating utensils.

Now, as someone who has busted my ass as a waitress (although a fully dressed one), I am sympathetic to servers….. but can a girl get some buffalo with her breasts?

Pretty much everyone’s food sucked… except the sliders. The sliders were alright. I’ve had better food at my high school cafeteria (and that’s being nice). Let’s just say I wasn’t impressed with the food…. or the hooters.

Granted, there were some hotties with hooters, but overall Cubby from 96.1 The Beat whom applied for a job as a morning show prank could probably get a job there.

But… the breast-eraunt has lots of televisions and a Chill Chamber - so at least games are always on and the beer is good and cold. But overall, Hooters is not a hoot.

Not going to lie, I miss The Graduate – it was a neighborhood bar in Uptown… that, and they had much better fried chicken products.

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