Irrelevant MTV Awards



Remember the old days, when good bands played the MTV Video Music Awards and you could watch the show to get your hand on the pulse of music?

Yeah, those days are long gone. I watched parts of last night's awards show and decided they have become completely irrelevant after Britney Spears won an award for "Best Female Video." Seriously? Did she even have a new song out?

Then they gave an award away for "Best Dancing in a Video" - yeah, cause it's all about the music, right?

Then Spears won for "Best Pop Video" and, get this, "Video of the Year."

After the show, gossip-monger Perez Hilton said he voted for Spears because she's had a rough year. Again, it's all about the music/videos right?

Lil Wayne grabbed himself so much he must be afraid it's gonna fall off, Kanye West closed the show with a boring performance (cracks me up that he didn't win, again), Russell Brand was a horrible host, The freakin' Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus performed... What a waste.

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