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It can be assumed that an event coordinated by “Don’t Hate Productions” is a don’t hate, congregate kind of occasion. As in a non-alcoholic, diverse type of event for which everyone is culturally coexisting and chillin'. Said occasion was Battle Slam Jam at Grayson State Park last Saturday.


The event merged two entirely different cultures by combining two athletic arts – skateboarding and break dancing.

I was an uncomfortably hot Saturday afternoon and I found myself running down a half pipe in platforms sandals dodging little kids skating by and trying hard not to bust my ass on the concrete. It was like a “random parade” in this skate boarding rink. Skaters of all ages, spectators of all ethnicities, bad asses, Charlotte Roller Girls ... and breakdancers. On concrete? I imagined that hurt a little.

I actually went there for the dance off (well, that and my girl Bailie from Skirt! Magazine doing interviews for Fuel TV). There was a dancer there as hot as Channing Tatum in Step Up. I zoomed in and took a pic of him for your viewing pleasure... holy hottie. And boy, can that boy dance.


They mixed it up on the dancers, playing jazz in fused with hip-hop, but the dancers changed up their style accordingly… even more impressive.

Meanwhile, Wolly Vinyl, First in Flight, Rekless Mind and Eyes of the Elders performed.

It’s an eclectically exciting annual event – might I suggest checking it out next year.


Speaking of break dancing annual events – this Sunday is the Breakfast Club’s annual “Who Got Served” Labor Day weekend Breakdance competition and party.



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