Today's Menu (8/27/2008)



Lucinda Black Bear This N.Y.C. act cites Sparklehorse and Elliot Smith as influences, and while Christian Gibbs' songs don't attain those lofty heights, they do fit the general mold: haunting minor-key melodies, lush arrangements where texture is king, and romantic narratives with a down-the-rabbit-hole bent. Cello and violin accents highlight last year's 'Capo My Heart' and Other Bear Songs, which was voted Most Innovative by NPR's All Songs Considered. Nothing against LBB, whose music is pleasant enough, but it must've been a slow year for innovation over at NPR. With Kaiser Cartel and locals The Side. Snug Harbor (John Schacht)

Rehab The Georgia-based group offers up a variety of styles on their latest release, Grafitti The World – from the Kid Rock-esque "Bartender Song" to the melodic "Last Tattoo" which could fit in 311's repertoire. The band fuses hip-hop with rock, but not in that '90s nu-metal way. There are hints of Sublime and Eminem in its sound, as well. No surprise that they'll be hitting the road with Kid Rock after this solo tour. Amos' Southend (Jeff Hahne)

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