Live Review: Tristan Prettyman



Live Review: Tristan Prettyman

The Visulite Theatre

Aug. 19, 2008


The Deal: San Diego-based songstress Tristan Prettyman performed at The Visulite Theatre with local opening act Mike Strauss.

The Good: The show started out with an Americana acoustic blend of folk and blues from vocalist/guitarist, Mike Strauss and bassist Jon Schigoda. After their set, Tristan Prettyman came out with her music crew (a bassist and drummer). The band started with the playful ditty “You Got Me,” and went on to play other catchy songs like “Interviews,” “Madly” and “California Girl,” along with others from her sophomore album Hello…x, released in April of ‘08. She also played other songs from '05s Twentythree (“Simple As It Should Be” and more). The performance version of “Don’t Work Yourself Up” was livelier with more instruments backing it than on the albums version, while “Madly” got more back to the basics and had less of a pop melody. During most of the set Prettyman talked to the audience, telling stories about her life and songs. She even made cracks about her recent encounter with Nicholas Lachey and informed everyone that she got a photo taken with him, because he has “muscles” (see Tristan Prettyman's myspace page/photo album for the picture).

The Bad: Nothing. Prettyman put on a successful set of songs that kept the crowd wanting more.

The Verdict: This 26-year-old singer is on her way to a higher musical standing. Be sure to check her out the next time she comes around Charlotte.

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