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Since I started writing QC After Dark, my inbox has been inundated with e-mails from people asking me what there is to do in Charlotte, complaining that there isn’t anything...

Are you kidding me? If you can’t find something to do in Charlotte, then you’re not even looking – there are parties, events and concerts every night of the week it seems. Just this past Tuesday, I was torn between Pat Green on the Redneck Yacht Club (Ragin Uptown Party Charter) and John Mayer at Verizon... I went with Pat Green by the by. And a few weeks ago, the Jonas Brothers and NAS performed the same night... a little something for everyone.

There was even a party at Northlake Mall last night... at BeBe.

Is it Bee-Bee or Bay-Bay. The name of the store is like the words pecan and caramel. Is it pee-can or pee-con? Care-a-mel or car-a-mel? I don’t know, I don’t know….

Anyway, the occasion was the launch of their new fall line for which I went to for reporting, and just ended up shopping. And as a female with a slight retail abuse problem, may I just say that BeBe’s new line and looks was worthy of the celebration.

They had a DJ – although it’s hard to dance with a big clothing rack in your way...


They had bartenders serving wine, and I couldn’t help but think it’s probably not a good idea to mix red wine and retail. The served food from Firebirds and the Grape, and had a runway show. Granted, it was a mall caliber runway show and the models kept setting the alarm off when they strutted past the doors, but both the models and clothes on them were hot.

But it terms of shopping it felt like attack of the retailers. You know when you run from the kiosks people that chase you down to straighten your hair and moisturize your hands. I was mobbed by models trying to dress me - which would’ve been great… if I were tall and skinny.

But I would just like to thank whichever fashionista decided that orange and maroon were the “in” colors – it makes it easy for me to find cute Virginia Tech game garbs.



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