Today's Menu (8/20/2008)



The Crowntown Showdown kicks off it's new format tonight at the Evening Muse.

Trouble Walkers Comprised of former Modern Don Juans (bassist Mark Lynch and drummer Robert Childers) as well as onetime Hot Rod Greased Lightning guitarists/singers Daylon Brumfield and Gabe Hinceman, country-punkers the Trouble Walkers' newish Free Cowboy Hat is a healthy-dose of the hard stuff, a mad platter of hot-sauced subject matter that'd make even Harry Crews wince, but delivered with more than enough good cheer that you won't feel the need to shower afterward. What's more, they're even better live. With Sex Tapes. Snug Harbor (Timothy C. Davis)

Gongzilla Musicianship and improvisation are key factors when the jammers Gongzilla plug in their instruments. They write songs that gently lean on politics and philosophy while jazz interludes, world music forays and spacey rock intermingle with the words and expand into the air. With tunes like "American Dream," what lands on stage and bounces off into the crowd is quite intriguing. Double Door Inn (Samir Shukla)

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