Live Review: The Whigs



The Whigs w/ The Old Ceremony

Visulite Theatre

Aug. 17, 2008


The Deal: Athens, Ga., trio plays for a big crowd, brings along Chapel Hill opener.


The Good: It seems like every show I go to these days, The Old Ceremony is opening. That's not a bad thing though as the Chapel Hill band plays some energetic indie rock and got the crowd warmed up. The Whigs came out and thundered away for over an hour, showcasing many of the tunes off of last year's Mission Control. The biggest applause came with the opening beat of "Right Hand on My Heart." The band's encore brought up a few locals from the Sammies and CR Rollyson for a cover of The Rolling Stones, "Get off of my cloud." On an unrelated note, it was perfect timing before The Whigs went on as the crowd was huddled around televisions watching Michael Phelps record-breaking swim. The crowd went nuts, chanted "USA!" and then watched the show.

The Bad: Not a thing.


The Verdict: It won't be long before The Whigs are too big to play the Visulite...

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