Today's Menu (8/16/2008)



The Whigs I haven't yet drank the Kool-Aid when it comes to this Athens trio; the Replacements and Guided By Voices touchstones seem awfully obvious, suggesting the band has yet to evolve into their own skin. The over-reliance on riffs vs. hooks also separates them from their progenitors. Still, there's no denying the high wattage, and last year's Mission Control had enough promise to merit keeping them on your radar. Plus, you know, they were on Letterman, so they must be great, right? With the Old Ceremony. Visulite (John Schacht)

Jeff Clayton and the Mongrels You've prolly heard of (or heard tell of) Jeff Clayton, the legendary frontman of Antiseen. If not, you look my man up. A kindly Jekyll who goes all Mr. Hyde when the amps start buzzing, the man lives and breathes rawk, as Unknown Hinson might put it, and has earned more than enough stripes (most of them scars on his frequently bleeding, glass-gashed forehead) to pop the buttons off a Hot Topic shirt from 20 paces. His band, The Mongrels, despite their muttly name, are some of the creme de la creme of Q.C. rockers – dig: Mike Hendrix of the Belmont Playboys, Russ "Mad Brother" Ward, Jimmy King of Drat and the Aqualads, and Jeremy Holcomb, ex- of the Talk and the Poontanglers. With Babyshaker. Snug Harbor (Timothy C. Davis)

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