Today's Menu (8/15/2008)



Great Lakes Another band with six degrees of Elephant 6 separation, the now N.Y.C.-based duo of Dan Donahue and Ben Crum craft handsome minor-key pop melodies that resonate with more rock 'oomph' – and less overt psychedelia – than many of their old Athens brethren. The band also features members of Mice Parade, the Ladybug Transistor and Storm & Stress, another barometer for the general indie rock-friendly vibe. With Bullship. Snug Harbor (John Schacht)

The Coal Men This Nashville quintet sways between alt-country and roots-rock with comfort and ease. It helps that the lyrics are more from a longing heart then an alcohol-maxed liver. What you get are fine crafted songs delivered by an emotive vocalist and backed by a scrap band of promising young musicians. Travel far, young coal men (and woman). Evening Muse (Samir Shukla)

Millionaires Fueled by dime store keyboard and synthesizers, these gals can be a hoot. The trio is obviously having good times making disjointed dance music with over the top and obvious songs like "I Like Money" and "In My Bed." These not quite yet millionaires get as much kick out of getting dolled up as pounding high heels into boys' nether regions. Plenty of crude and loud lyrics pumped up with electro beats keep the party humping and delightfully cheesy. With Hypercrush, Brokencyde, and the Arrival. Tremont (Shukla)

Smashing Pumpkins Sure, D'arcy and James Iha aren't there anymore, and you could easily look at it as "Billy Corgan and the Other Guys," but Corgan's voice still leads the way. The band's latest, Zeitgeist, wasn't bad, but I'd certainly hope they'd revisit stuff from Gish first. They played a heavy mix from all albums during their shows in Asheville around this time last year. And, after all, even Zeitgeist is much better than Corgan's solo stuff. Ovens Auditorium (Jeff Hahne)

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