Live Review: Jimmy Brown & The Badly-Loved



Jimmy Brown & The Badly-Loved

Charlotte Irish Summer Festival

Aug. 9, 2008

The Deal: Belfast fellow Jimmy Brown (former guitarist of the Hickory-based band Airspace) performed new songs with his back up band, The Badly-Loved, at the Charlotte Irish Summer Festival.

The Good: From folk melodies to rock, with some bluesy undertones, Jimmy Brown & The Badly-Loved played an impressive set of tunes that captured the festival crowd. Highlights included the catchy folk rock number, "Under the Sun," the rock/blues-esqe, "Yo Yo Heart" and the tension filled frenzy "Muzzle the Muse," with its layers of soft shrills and psychedelic thrills on guitar.

The Bad: Not much. During the last half of the show, a slew of children started running around the stage, which was a little distracting. But, overall the concert itself wasn't flawed.

The Verdict: Put them on your list of bands to see live. Jimmy Brown & The Badly-Loved deliver a strong set of well-crafted vibes. The band is currently working on an EP, titled The Age of Distraction to be released in Sept. Check out them out at:


Butter Won't Melt

Under the Sun

Yo Yo Heart

The Age of Distraction

Next to Me

Mouths of Prophecy

The Frailty of Man

Muzzle the Muse

Point of No Return


O' Mary Don't You Weep

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