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The owners of Sunset Club aren’t just remodeling their exclusive club on South Boulevard; they’ve done an Extreme Club Makeover to Situations off Woodlawn, putting an upscale lounge in a not so upscale location.

“This is like NYC’s Meat Packing District,” says co-owner Rick Gurr of the area.

Translated: there’s a pearl of a place inside a slimy neighborhood.

Said place is K.I.S.S Lounge, tucked away in the corner of the seedy strip mall encompassing Gentlemen’s Club and Red Door… thus putting the strip in strip mall.


And this club is very N.Y.C. They have a DJ in one corner and a bongo player accompanying the beats in the other. Go-go dancers shaking what their mama gave them on a runway type platform, a pristine patio and VIP sections made up of beds. Perfect for passing out and getting right to the point should you meet someone there that you want to hook up with. (Not that I necessarily recommend either one). The décor is so elaborate and modern that even the bathrooms are beautifully ornamented with installation art.

But upscale doesn’t mean uptight to the owners, “Everyone’s welcome. There’s no dress code,” Gurr added. Unlike Sunset Club.

K.I.S.S. is also open for lunch, and they even have a DJ bringing the midday melodies.

“This club is Apple, not PC,” says Gurr.

Although it is kinda Guido… is that PC to say?

K.I.S.S’ big grand opening party is this Friday - “888”

Meanwhile, Sept. 4 is the Sunset Club re-grand opening. Write that down.

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