Today's Menu (8/1/2008)



Bruce Hazel & Some Volunteers Hazel has a batch of new songs and full-time band now, so the "Volunteers" part of the equation may not be as accurate as it once was. But if you like your rock 'n' roll passionate, and a part-Boss part-Strummer lead singer who leaves it all on stage every time out, this is your cuppa. Hazel and company also passed their first Goldie's Garage hurdle and are one of 12 semifinalists in the running for a record contract with Little Steven's Wicked Cool label. Hey, you gonna tell Silvio he don't know from nuthin'? With Benji Hughes, the Ts. Snug Harbor (John Schacht)

Hope Massive Positive vibrations abound when this North Carolina reggae and dub outfit hits the stage. Formed in 2004, the multicultural five-piece lays down a foundation that's solidly roots reggae. With the inflection of vintage Jamaican dance hall and plenty of polished harmony, there's no problem living up to their self-proclaimed credo of "always positive, always forward." With Sci Fi. Double Door Inn (Samir Shukla)

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