Media Night at the Gin Mill



Alert the media.... oh wait, that's me.


Anyway, Wednesday is Media Night at the Gin Mill where pretty much all the evening news crews from various television stations meet after the nightly news cast... along with some other media affiliates, such as myself and a photog from the Southern Sports Journal.

It's one of those nights where you go for one drink and before you know it, it's last call. Perhaps the late start has something to do with that, I dunno. And it's a place where you can talk to every single person in the bar and make friends with them all by the end of the night. The cameras stop rolling allowing everyone to shed enough inhibitions to actually sing karaoke and dance like no one is watching.

And there's the rooftop patio for when the karaoke gets too bad... as in when I'm up in the mic.

And afterwards I ventured down to Skyland (one of the only 24 hour diners in Charlotte) where I thought it was a good idea to break out into a chorus of Rent and try to reenact the musical, using the other diners as the cast members. Much to my musical delight, four other tables joined in before the manager came out and told us to use our indoor voices. "Shut the front door," if you will.

I was loving Skyland up until the point I got the bill. Apparently a bowl of cheese grits and one egg costs $7.58 – yeah, now that's reasonable. That would be $3 with tax at the Waffle Dump.

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