Getting fancy on Dive Drive



I think I've figured out why Uptown is so dead on Fridays - because everyone is either on a date, or on Dive Drive. a.k.a Montford Drive (the highway of fun between Woodlawn and Park Road).

Especially now that Andrew Blairs opened a few weeks ago, adding a delicacy to Dive Drive — it's a fine dining restaurant, but after 10 p.m. they unveil the curtain to a massive dance floor. However, the party typically doesn't begin until after 11.

I tend to dance to the beat of my own drum, literally, but it was hard to get down to Dave Matthews Band that they were playing early in the evening. But at 11 p.m., the cups turn to plastic and the music turns to upbeat with a beat. Yet, the dance floor remained deserted; Jacinda and I were even the only ones who did the Cupid Shuffle. But I like a wide open dance floor, it prevents injuries when my dancing tourettes kicks in and my hips and hair take on a life of their own.


There were two random chairs chilling in the corner of the unoccupied dance floor, it kinda gave me the urge to go "Flash Dance" on them. Considering we were the only ones dancing it felt like being on stage performing. Dancing is not a spectator sport people!

It's a good, wine-after-you-dine place, yet later in the evening it becomes more of a party palace ... with a frat-tastic crowd.

There's a list that you have to be on to get in, or you have to pay a $5 cover.

How do you get on the list? I don't know, I wasn't on it.

Afterwards we went next door to Angry Ales for fried pickles and fun. We were planning on going Uptown, but we just didn't see the point.

Also on Dive Drive is Moosehead Grill, Park Lanes, the Press Box, Jeff's Bucket Shop and the Taco Bell is open late.

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