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Lindsey Horne Band Horne's music is often described as "sultry" – think Savannah in the summer, humid and alive with emotions both dark, dreamy and, ultimately, exhilarating. While a cop-out descriptive for a performer (and pianist) with jazz-y leanings, it nonetheless fits Ms. Horne, who mixes lovely staccato bursts of melody with journal-ripped rambles on all the tough topics life throws at us: love, loss, and relocation (physically or otherwise). Think of it as easy listening that's not such an easy listen, if that makes any sense. With Hot House Heff-Tones. The Evening Muse (Timothy C. Davis)

Iron Cordoba These headbangin' lads leave no stone unturned in their Spinal Tap meets drunk rednecks camaraderie. Whether blasting AC/DC-like rockers or singing drinking ballads such as "Irish Kiss," the party and guitar mayhem is laced with good times, guitars, folk-metal, and even sing-a-longs. They'll headline the White Trash Party 4 also featuring Dethrow Bodean, DJs, hot rods, dancing Daisy Dukes, redneck games, and general debauchery. Visulite (Samir Shukla)

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