Today's Menu (7/20/2008)



Bear Colony Bear Colony sound as if they traversed the pond, but this Brit-rock comes from Arkansas, not Manchester. It's an uneven mix where moody pop, electronica and funky rock are tossed into the stack; where emotive vocals and melodic twists tell the tale; where the songs work their catchy caress. The blokes' most recent recording of tunes, We Came Here to Die, is fairly addictive. With Cement Stars. Milestone (Samir Shukla)

RUSH If you don't know who Rush is, you should probably crawl out of your cave and get to work on living in the 21st century. The original lineup of the band formed 40 years ago, though they went through a few changes in those first years before landing on the Geddy Lee, Neil Peart, Alex Lifeson trio you know now. "Tom Sawyer"... "Freewill"... you know them. Feel free to sing along. Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre (Jeff Hahne)

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