Live Review: Green Jelly



Green Jellÿ

Tremont Music Hall

July 17, 2008

By Taylor Greer

Mensrea opened up for Green Jellÿ last Thursday night and growled their way into my heart.

I didn't know a single lyric, but the guitar work and the passion of each member was inspiring. It certainly didn't hurt that they walked right off the stage into the tiny crowd of about 20 to shake hands and sell their wares. Then they sang/screamed along with the audience during Green Jellÿ's performance when they weren't on stage wearing one of Green Jellÿ's many costumes. Part way through the show, either Nate Krishna or Cory Smoot even loaned one of their guitars to Dread when his guitar crapped out on him in the middle of a song.

Prior to Thursday, I had only seen YouTube videos and had psyched myself up for a costume-laden performance of incredibly entertaining musicians. Thankfully, Green Jellÿ did not disappoint. Bill Manspeaker may be the only original member, but the songs sounded just like I remembered them and I banged my head enough to worry about a sore neck.

The crowd had swelled to maybe 30 people and I honestly don't know how many of them were invited on stage to wear costumes and dance. I do know that Nate Krishna from Mensrea wore the Pebbles head for "Anarchy in Bedrock" ("twitch, twitch"). And I know that nearly every audience member, including me, crowded up on stage for "Three Little Pigs" and "Green Jello Suxx" to end the evening's entertainment. Manspeaker sang to us from the audience like he was telling a bedtime story. I loved it and will talk about their concert for years to come. Too bad all the old bands don't live up to their hype anymore.

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