Today's Menu (7/14/2008)



Vans Warped Tour It would take the rest of this page to list all of the bands playing at this year's Warped Tour, but here are a few that you'll catch: Aside from The Pink Spiders and Against Me!, who have both been featured in this section recently (and today), you'll get Angels and Airwaves (featuring former Blink-182-er Tom DeLonge), Katy Perry (CD reviewed this week), Cobra Starship, Alesana, Every Time I Die, Family Force 5, Gym Class Heroes, Norma Jean, Reel Big Fish, Story of the Year, The Bronx and a whole helluva lot more. It's a long hot day, but you can always pass the time counting facial piercings on all the kids. Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre (Jeff Hahne)

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