Today's Music Menu (7/10/08)



Hed PE They've changed names (or at least the spelling of their name) numerous times, and you can't really blame them. Along with like-minded hedz like Kottonmouth Kings, they're among the last bands standing from the late '90s/early '00s rap metal "renaissance," holding it down for those who want their cake and to eat it (with a healthy dose of gang smoke, bad rap beats, and Sublime-y ridiculous, SoCal-centric keepin' it real lyricism) too. To be fair, they're amongst the cream of their particular genre's crop, but that's reaping an increasing fallow field. With Dirtball and Potluck. Amos' Southend (Timothy C. Davis)

Imaad Wasif and Two Part Beast Wasif's band résumé includes, Alaska!, The New Folk Implosion and touring stints with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Tonight the L.A.-based mood rocker, vocalist and guitarist leads this sparse trio into subtle and flowing rock music. The gents are crisscrossing the country touring in support of the recent release Strange Hexes. The Two Part Beast is Bobb Bruno (bass) and Adam Garcia (drums). With Coma League. Milestone (Samir Shukla)

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