Bubble Trouble



The Bubble Room… Doesn’t it sound like something out of the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory? Well, it’s actually right here at HOM.


HOM is trumping the typical VIP section, and sectioning off an entire room for the VIP (as in very INVITED people). The top level of Play will now be the Bubble Room. Bubbles as in champagne bubbles; they’ll be offering an assortment of champagnes and hosting special champagne testings. Now that’s what I call popping bubbly.

But they’re not so much trying to attract your typical champagne room occupier, or even partiers, but more so connoisseurs — those with a genuine interest in fine dining and wining…and champagning.

Last Friday, I scored myself an invite to get a sneak peak of the Bubble Room compliments of the “Sleeping Giant,” the organization that created the concept. And, now, I can attest for the fact, there is indeed no sex in the champagne room…just sophistication.

Let me put it this way — you should RSVP yes to an invite to the Bubble Room — perhaps your invitation will come in the mail along with all the wedding invitations mixed in with bills and direct mail marketing attempts.


The Bubble Room maxs out at 45 people. Typically a bar rating is based on the crowd — the bigger the crowd, the better the rating. But to me, an indicator of a good bar, one for which I want to hang out in, has a more intimate vibe — one without the pretentious attitudes. Note: no stuffy 'tudes are permitted in the Bubble Room. And when I my self-diagnosed ADD requires I get more interaction, I can just walk down the steps and into Play.

But someone asked me if the fire alarm went off at HOM because the dance floor had vast vacancy. Perhaps because everyone was already outside on the fantabulous patio. Hands down, best patio in Uptown.

Meanwhile, the ambiance of the Bubble Room makes you feel like you’re in a library of a castle. It has a baby grand piano that will be played until 10 p.m. before the music at Play filters in to hype up the vibe. Certain nights they’re going to play black and white movies on the wall.


I felt like I was in a game of Clue... Misses Peacock in the study with the candlestick. And I enjoyed the art on the wall — a turkey (Go Hokies!) and a portrait of lions humping.

The Sleeping Giants have designed a menu specifically for The Bubble Room, with some food selections on there so fancy I would, without fail, pronounce them wrong when ordering.

The public grand opening of the Bubble Room is July 11.

Another installment of Brittney’s Random Revelations

The other day while I was out driving, I noticed a restaurant on the corner where 4th St. dead ends and veers of to become Tuckaseegee Road. The mentioned "fine established" is “Hong Phat – Chinese and Seafood,” and next to the door of the dilapidated building “Hot Wings” is advertised in graffiti.

I don’t know… the Bubble Room may have some competition.

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