Live Review: Islands




Neighborhood Theatre

June 28, 2008

By: Anita Overcash

The Deal: Montreal indie rockers, Islands, conclude their stop in Charlotte with a harmonically eccentric show.

The Good: The six-piece Islands hit the stage (which was decorated with red-lighted trees) and began showing off their mystifying music right way. From their ability to merge small sounds (like chains rattling) to their skills with a variety of instruments (They rocked out on guitars, bass, keyboard, violins, drums and the saxophone.), Islands' live show was full of surprises. Highlights included the crafty single “The Arm,” which was played early in the set and another newbie from their latest album, “Kids Don’t Know Shit.” On some songs, Islands' indie rock sounds merged into more of a Caribbean groove. Overall, the band's performance proved that not only do they know how to use multiple instruments, but they’re exceeding with them in a way that defies regular soundscrapes.

The Bad: Nothing was bad about Islands' performance; in fact they impressed me up until the very end.

The Verdict: Wow. When I heard Islands’ sophomore album, Arm’s Way, I knew they were good, but I left this show with a much higher appreciation for the band. Their live show is one of those musical experiences that shouldn’t be missed.

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