Today's Menu (6/29/2008)



Jill Scott True, Scott's music does contain lots of "can-do" rhetoric – she can even "stain and polyurethane," as she sings in "The Fact Is (I Need You)" of off 2004's Beautifully Human: Words and Sounds Volume II – that could be misconstrued, upon first listen, as mere cocksure artifice. However, Scott doesn't make these proclamations by claiming that she can do any of these things better than you – knuckle-headed separatist boasting being the Achilles heel of most current soul – but that she can, in fact, do them, and furthermore can do anything she damn well wants to – which, it seems, includes releasing beautifully human contemporary soul records that espouse positivity over posturing, sensuality over sexuality, and emotional heft over erotic huff and puff. Ovens Auditorium (Timothy C. Davis)

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