Who does your schedule?



After my friend asked me about my week, he had to pause and ask ...."Who does your schedule?"

I do… and I think I might have to fire myself.

This was just this week’s nightlife agenda….

Monday – Wii and Weeds night. Weeds, as in the series on Showtime that just premiered its fourth season. It’s the only show I watch on T.V. In fact, I watch so little television I don’t even have cable, so I go over to my friend Nikki’s and barter her cable for a half-ass homemade dinner.

Tuesday – Mental Bikinis night

Wednesday – Women that Rock party at Loft 1523

Thursday – Bobcats Draft party at Whisky River*

TONIGHT! … and may I recommend you schedule yourself for some of the following….

Dinner at Luce with the HOM boys to learn about the new concept for HOM (I’ll get back to you on that one) , see my girl Lauren Nguyen in the Beverly Hills Pimps&Hos fashion show at Forum, as well as the LONELY H at Snug Harbor

Saturday – Bridal Shower in Raleigh, the band III's final performance at the Press Box and Uncle Sam Jam at Dixie’s. With Simple Plan and Simplified, it’s sure to be a simple night.

I figure I can sleep when I’m dead….

Last night, the Bobcats Draft Party had Whisky River packed by 6 p.m.

The Bobcat’s players may have some trouble winning games, but the Bobcat’s staffers know how to throw a party. Despite the fact there’s like a million game, the court is always bouncing with some form of entertainment. And then there’s the Front Court, Back Court and Rock the Roof Top bars within the arena. With that said, they drafted a good party…

Muggsy Bogues and Dell Curry (a product of my hometown and alma mater) were on hand, as well as the luscious looking Lady Cats and the scary looking Rufus. The Bobcats drafted Alexis Ajiuca and D.J Augustin to save the day. But I imagine there will be lots of reorganizing done to the Bobcats bench before next season. But regardless of who is on the court, the games will still be fun to go to.

Meanwhile, with EpiCentre at 5 right upstairs, it made for the perfect party… that is until the perfect storm came through.


Oh, and The Lady Cats are having their own draft later this summer….

And now for some of Brittney’s Random Revelations:

I am beginning to think the universe is torturing me with my disenfranchised lover. Last night, on my way up the escalator to the EpiCentre, I turned around and there he was, my Mr. Big – who, on every other Thursday of the year is long since gone to some racetrack. The first thing he said to me was, “Why do you look so tired?” So, I just told him "Happy Birthday" (four days late).

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