Today's Menu (6/27/2008)



The Lonely H Definitely not to be confused with the grunge-flavored two-piece Local H, this Washington-state outfit instead takes its cues from our region – circa the 1970s – and plays a funk-flavored, riff-happy, occasionally deep-fried or twangy Southern rock that sounds like a mash-up of The Black Crowes, The Allman Brothers, The Band and Big Star. The mix occasionally gets muddled, but otherwise they breathe fresh air into an otherwise moribund genre just through their enthusiasm alone. With Bandazian and Sikamor Rooney. Snug Harbor (John Schacht)

Capleton What keeps Capleton at the upper rungs of reggae stardom is his knack for mixing damn infectious dancehall with Rastafarian mysticism. It's this Jamaican blend that helps avoid the incessant repetition so common in dancehall reggae. His self-adulation and occasional forays into homophobic lyrics aside, the thick, rapid-fire toasting is blanketed by booming rhythms layered with classic roots rhythms. Tremont Music Hall (Samir Shukla)

East Coast Dirt Asheville-based funk and jam quartet's self-coined "sneaker boogaloo" is a whirling, twirling weave of free jazz, rock guitar, Latin elements, bopping percussion, drum 'n' bass sprinkles, and spacey psychedelic detours. That's an earful, but the veteran musicians ably coax the parts into a whole and an adventurous vibe is born. Paradigm will open. Double Door Inn (Shukla)

The Blue Dogs The Carolina boys are an area favorite, playing rock based in Americana. They've cut back their touring schedule – they've been in the business for 20 years and need some rest, right? The only new release they have planned is a live DVD, so look for more of the same from these guys this time around. Visulite (Jeff Hahne)

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