Is it football season yet?



College Football kicks-off in 65 days and there are 72 days until the NFL season kicks-off…. But who’s counting?

In the interim I’ve been getting my football fix via the Carolina Speed — the Professional Indoor football team that plays in Cabarrus Arena up in Concord.


Arena Football is in a league of their own. Granted, it has most of the components of your typical football game: beer, field entertainment, refs, cheerleaders, and avid fans, but it’s a whole different ballgame.

Size does matter…

An indoor football field is not fit to scale — the End Zone is about where the 50 yard line would be on a standard field. And the field looks like it’s made out of carpet, yet it feels like the grass you put inside Easter baskets. The players wear basketball shoes as opposed to cleats, and the kicker for the opposing Fayetteville Guard kicked barefoot….I guess he really likes the feel of Easter egg grass. But it worked for him because the Guard beat the Speed by a kick.

According to a player, it’s actually more difficult to play on an indoor field; harder to build up speed and easier to throw out of bounds.

But Arena Football is more interactive and less stringent. The players can high-five fans and sign a touchdown ball and throw it into the stands without getting fined.

Meanwhile, there is nothing minor league about the Carolina Speed cheerleaders, The Velocity Girls — they’re boogying babes. And lucky for them, they play better music at Cabarrus Arena than at Panther’s Stadium. Speaking of the Panther’s, former Panther player Mike Minter is a part owner of the team.

Their last home game was Saturday, but next season The Carolina Speed is coming to Charlotte and will be playing at Cricket Arena. Touchdown Charlotte!

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