BlackFinn...coming soon!



BlackFinn Restaurant and Saloon is coming soon to an EpiCentre near you on July 24.

But there’s already a BlackFinn in Norfolk’s Waterside – Norfolk’s slightly outdated version of the EpiCentre. Ahh, Norfolk … where every week is Fleet Week.

I was there this past weekend for a bachelorette party, which gave me the perfect opportunity to review Charlotte’s newest bar-a-rant.

First thing I noticed was that they have a pint of Guinness on the appetizer menu ... now that’s what I call an Appy Hour.

But to me drinking a Guinness is like eating Thanksgiving dinner, so I can see why it would be on the food menu. It is a restaurant AND saloon after all. It has an old saloon feel mixed in with fine dining. All their entrees were reasonably priced, especially the Surf & Turf deal - $20 for a Filet and two Crab Cakes. And if you order it you’ll also get a bottle of wine for $20.

I just hope they find better people to staff the Charlotte location because although we had a waitress, I had to go to the bar to refill my Diet Coke (and we were her only table). There were more staffers behind the bar than in the dining room — not sure if that should tell us something or not… but I can tell you that “bland” seemed to be the word of the night when I asked my fellow diners to describe their food.

One girl ended up putting A-1 Sauce on her Filet if that tells you anything. I, however, liked my meal; granted, it was just a chicken sandwich which is hard to screw up, but it was still a juicy, thick chunk of white meat ... that sounded kinda dirty.

I imagine the seafood is fresher at Norfolk’s location, seeing as how it’s on the coast … but that’s just a guess.

Can Charlotte’s BlackFinn spice it up? We shall soon see ...

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