No more case of the Mondays!


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Looks like somebody’s having a case of the Mondays...

But not me! Turns out, Monday is as just of a fun day as least judging by the crowd that almost filled Dixie’s Tavern to maximum capacity last night. I saw everyone I’d see on a typical Saturday night out, and by everyone I mean people I haven’t seen in a while and people I actually want to see. And, on Mondays, those usually behind the bar were on the other side of it.


Well, with the exception of Krystie from the Sunset Club who is working there while it’s closed for renovations. Dixie’s is like a festival of fun on Mondays with its karaoke, beer pong and the Cupid Shuffle playing DJ Chubby from whom you can order songs from like shots from the bartender. Considering I was dancing around to Taylor Swift and Jesse McCartney, it’s safe to say I ordered way more songs than shots. Well, that and I’m still scarred from BAAR Wars.

But thanks to my girl Blair, I have a new drink for which its ingredients make me want to break out into the chorus from The Sound of Music’s “And those are a few of my favorite things”...

Diet Coke and Bud Light.


I know… it sounds gross, but it tastes like a Root Beer Float. All it’s missing is a scoop of ice cream. Try it.

So, if you ever find yourself reciting the lyrics to the Bangle’s “Just Another Manic Monday” in your head, make it a Monday Funday at Dixie’s... further evidence that every night’s a weekend night and there’s always something to do in Charlotte.

And now, for Brittney’s random revelations of the evening…

In the girl’s bathroom I overheard some girls hating on some other girls for dressing up. “You don’t dress up until Thursday, what is she thinking.”

“Oh I know right!” was kinda how the conversation sounded.

Apparently, my alcoholic Root Beer Floats make me frisky to the mouth because I felt compelled to interject.

“She was thinking that she was going to wear whatever struck her fancy when she opened her closet door tonight, and she felt like playing dress up tonight.”

Don’t hate… congregate!


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