Who will win Idol?



I'd be willing to bet everything I have that David wins American Idol tonight...

On the one hand, you have David Cook — The Mayor of Creepy Town. He's done everything via the Chris Daughtry playbook and is poised to take the title. While he looks like he'd be more comfortable sitting home playing Dungeons & Dragons, and about the furthest thing from a "rocker" image, the voters have him in the finals.

On the other side, you have David Archuleta — Boy Wonder. Every song he sings sounds the same, and he looks like he'd be most comfortable singing with a '50s doo-wop band. Hey, David, don't look so surprised every time someone tells you you're doing well. The competition's almost over...you should be used to it already.

So, congratulations, David, on winning the biggest karaoke contest on tv. I'm sure lots of people will buy your album when it hits the streets in six-12 months. Until then, you'll be shacked up with the others on the Top 10 tour or whatever it's called.

I can't picture either one of these guys having a big — Daughtry, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood — career. I suggest naming your debut album, Jump the Shark.

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