Live Review: Shooter Jennings



Shooter Jennings

May 15, 2008

Visulite Theatre


The Deal: Son of Waylon Jennings showcases his outlaw style.

The Good: Jennings hit the stage and kicked off the show with a handful of his best songs — "This Ol Wheel" and "Gone to Carolina" among them. Jennings changed instruments for just about every song as he rifled through songs from all three albums. The night's highlight was a shredding, extended jam version of "Daddy's Farm" that capped off the encore.

The Bad: I was surprised that Jennings didn't play his cover of "Walk of Life." I expected a bigger crowd, not to say that the Visulite was empty by any means... I also expected bigger sing-alongs. Last time I caught Jennings, at a show in Winston-Salem, the place went nuts for "4th of July." This time, it seemed like most didn't know the words.

The Verdict: A great show of rock and country music.


This Ol Wheel

Electric Rodeo

Gone to Carolina

Tangled Up Roses

Old Friend

4th of July

Solid Country Gold

Slow Train

Last Time I Let You Down

She Lives in Color

Bad Magik


Tennessee Waltz

Manifest No. 1

Blood From a Stone

Steady at the Wheel

The Wolf

Little White Lines


Living in a Dream (?)

Daddy's Farm

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