Richard Patrick on the music industry



I interviewed Richard Patrick of Filter recently (see the May 21 edition of the paper for the full story) and thought I'd share what he had to say about the record industry since it probably won't get into the article. Just something to think about:

"The only thing that's gonna stop music is the absolute and total betrayal and theft that's being done by the audience. If you're gonna download all our stuff or you're just gonna burn copies of all our CDs for all of your friends, and no one is gonna participate in actually paying for the intellectual property that's on those discs, then you're gonna put us out of business, plain and simple. People say it's adjusting, but there is no adjusting. People are rippin' us off. If you had a food replicator and, opposed to replicating a CD, it made you a cheeseburger, you'd put fuckin' McDonalds out of business, correct? You'd put Wendy's out of business, correct? So, that's what they're doing to music. People see "MTV Cribs" and think we're all rich. Uh-uh. All those rappers are putting up a false front because they're ego maniacs. All those rappers talk about how much money they've got, but they ain't got no money. That's all rented. Those fuckin' cars are rented for the video shoots. All that gold — it ain't bling. It's not real. That false bullshit... The music industry is in pain right now."

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