Crown Town Showdown - Week 2



Last night was the second Crowntown Showdown at the Evening Muse.

Another solid group of performers showed up and made the judging difficult again — but that's not a bad problem to have.

The winner was Austin Hill, who also plays with Humans, who showed off some great songwriting and funky fingerpicking.

Runners-up were Nathan Taylor, who did some finger picking of his own, and Matt Gilmore who showed an incredible amount of talent that exists in the youth of today.

Honorable mention to Federal Falls which consists of two of last month's contestants — Case Federal and Nikki Falls. The duo offered up two great songs and fell just shy of being in the top three — on my scorecard, at least.

The humor of Will Delacroix and Doug Williams was also a highlight of the night.

Check out the next round — June 2 at The Evening Muse.

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