American Idol - Top 6



I didn't comment on the Top 7 performances last week because, frankly, no one should be singing Mariah Carey songs.

Now, America's largest karaoke contest had the top 6 singers perform Andrew Lloyd Webber songs last night... No doubt everyone would sound very "Broadway."

Here are my thoughts on last night's contestants:

Mini-Whitney — She proved she should be on Broadway and not in this competition. She also showed that this is a horrible theme... Good songs, but it's a pop competition and nobody listens to showtunes in their car unless they're on their way out of the closet.

Knotty Dread — Horrible song choice...ugh, just horrible. He's got no power in his voice and probably just punched his ticket home. He's probably too high to remember any of it though... Mmmmm, good brownies!

White Bread — Ouch...that hurt. Brooke already looks like she's gonna cry each week and stopping to restart the song isn't going to help. I'm sure she'll get some sympathy votes this week, but...ouch... It was a bad song, too. That's not helping anybody.

Boy Wonder — He's got a good voice, but I'm really just bored with him. He sounds the same every week. He'd probably put out one of those albums that would sound the same — song after song after song, kinda like most of the pop crap that's on the radio these, maybe he does have a chance!

Ego Trip — I've had enough of her, too. She sounded completely off-key in the chorus and I'm still baffled at how her accent disappears when she's singing. She still has ego problems. Case in point: A story online says she wears dresses with tights every week to make her look thinner. Hey Carly, Mandisa was a big just need an attitude adjustment.

Sir Creeps A Lot — It wasn't bad, but he's still creepy.

Ready for the boot: Brooke should be in the bottom for messing up the beginning, Jason should be in there for making a bad song choice, Ego Trip should have been voted out weeks ago. I'd guess that Jason's going home...

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