American Idol - Top 8



America's largest karaoke contest had the top 8 singers perform inspirational songs last night... .

Here are my thoughts on last night's contestants:

Aussie Invasion — Really?!? A neckerchief?!? Again?!? His Morrison thing was in full effect tonight. He hit some of the high notes, but he's not Steven Tyler.

Whitney-me — She's not Whitney Houston's Mini-Me, and she's not Fantasia's either.

Knotty Dread — People love or hate his version of "Over the Rainbow." I thought it went well with his style. I still have the munchies...

Country See, Country Do — Yep, she did a country song. Anyone surprised? She didn't have the power to pull it off...

Side note: Anyone else in pain just from looking at Paula Abdul's chest tonight?

Sir Creeps A Lot — He's nearly back to claim his title as the "Mayor of Creepy Town." This guy really scares the bejeesus out of me. Just plain creepy... Oh, and it was a bad song, too.

Ego Trip — She's got the over-confident, Celine Dion attitude going now. I thought it was a bad song choice, and I'm just tired of her...

Boy Wonder — What song is this? I recognized the chorus, actually, but still a bad song choice. He needs to go for a '50s Doo Wop sound...

White Bread — Her song choice was as safe as...well, white bread. She needs to kick it up a notch and do something interesting or she'll be gone.

Ready for the boot: Most likely, they won't boot anyone this week since it's a charity thing. However, if I had to pick the bottom three, I'd say Creepy, Country and Ego.

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