Live Review: Jimmy Eat World



Jimmy Eat World

March 30, 2008

Amos' Southend

Review by Chey Scott

The Deal: Samsung Sound Check and Alltel Wireless hooked up with Jimmy Eat World at Amos’ Southend March 29 to provide an intimate show and showcase the latest music-centric phones. Amos’ was packed with fans and Alltel was prepared with interactive phone booths featuring the Samsung Muse and free food for everyone.

The Good: Jimmy Eat World played non-stop for 60-minutes, showing how polished and professional they’ve become in the last seven years. The audience shook and waved their camera phones as the quartet jammed out "Crush," "Here it goes," "Sweetness," and ultimately, "In the Middle." Two flat screens at stage-end were flashing the latest Samsung product and synched to the music for visual effects.

The Bad: These guys are used to a big stage so it would have been appreciated if they took advantage of the private venue to interact with the crowd. The audience had a lot of energy left when JEW hit the encore after only an hour, but to their credit, they didn’t waste any time between songs to settle or adjust.

The Verdict: Jimmy Eat World’s live performance rivaled any of their recordings. The band was incredibly sound and Amos’ was the perfect stage for the Samsung Sound Check.

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